7 Crucial Points to consider when Choosing the Perfect Place to Retire

With choosing the right place to retire being both the start of an exciting new phase in life and an important step that can require a lot of planning, we’d like to take this opportunity to share these 7 crucial points you should consider when choosing where to retire:


Property Ownership Model

The two most common purchase models for retirement estates in South Africa are sectional title properties and life rights.

The Life Rights’ model allows you to invest in a home for the remainder of your life, but you don’t actually own your property.

On the other hand, the far more popular sectional title option is the separate ownership of units in the development, with the undivided share of common property.

The Plettenberg Manor offers sectional title ownership.

With sectional title, you own your unit which becomes an asset you can freely resell or leave to your heirs.


Available Medical facilities

Even if you are in peak physical condition when you invest, access to on and off-site health and medical care is an essential consideration when retiring.

Ask your agent what medical facilities will be available to you when you move in, are there any nearby hospitals and what facilities do they offer. In many developments, health and frail care is one of the last facilities to be built, so it is important to understand what other options will be available to you until this final phase is completed.

Healthcare at The Plettenberg Manor

One of the features that has attracted so many of our buyers for The Plettenberg Manor so far is Medwell Homecare, which is already established on-site and providing home care services.

Medwell Homecare is one of the leading care service providers in South Africa. Their managed at-home care provides services based on the specific needs of you as an individual in the comfort of your own home. This provides a cost-effective alternative for prolonged hospitalization or institutional care.

Having Medwell Homecare already established on site is just another way that our team is making a special effort to put our residents first, so that you can rest assured that your well-being is top of mind.



The estate will also feature a healthcare wing and frail care centre:

The healthcare wing will comprise of 54 comfortable one-bedroom apartments/assisted living suites, as well as a 24-bed frail care centre, always staffed with qualified medical personnel to provide residents with premium, compassionate care.

Finally, and very importantly The Plettenberg Mediclinic is also a quick 10-minute drive away.


House types

One size definitely does not fit all.

It is important to consider what you need now, as well as what your needs in the future may be. Would you like to have a spare bedroom or office studio space, or is accessibility top of mind?

Designed to suit your needs

Unlike regular developments, units on our estate on The Plettenberg Manor have been specially designed with ease of access and mobility in mind. All our units have at least two bedrooms, meaning you’ll have some extra space for a spare bedroom, an office or art studio – whatever suits your fancy.

We also offer several different unit layouts, including Assisted living suite apartments, Penguin Luxury Cottages with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a single garage, and the more spacious Albatross unit which has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a double garage.

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Investing in Buying vs Renting

One of our most common questions is whether homes are available for rental.

While we are not offering rentals directly, this interest is a vitally important indicator of why it is so important to start investing in renting out property yourself.

Renting out – an excellent investment opportunity

While only individuals older than 50 can move in at The Plettenberg Manor, anyone can buy a property. This means that, even if you’re not ready to retire just yet, you can invest in buying a property now and rent it out until you are, enjoying income from it in the meantime.

Interested in renting instead of buying?

We have several units that may be available for rent soon.
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Location, Amenities and lifestyle

Proximity to amenities both inside and outside the retirement estate is very important.

Gone are the days where retirement meant staying cooped up in a suffocating institution. Today, retirees want to enjoy their golden years, which has given rise to lifestyle estates, which cater to individuals and couples who want to continue living fulfilling lives.

What The Plettenberg Manor has to offer

Plettenberg bay has a “well-managed local government, great infrastructure, quality education, Blue Flag beaches, growing eco awareness, a flourishing tourism industry, low crime figures and a balanced mix of locals and residents from the rest of SA are all reasons for positivity” – according to

The Plettenberg Manor is located in Keurbooms, and less than 10km outside of Plettenberg Bay, making for the perfect balance between country living and the convenience of town nearby.

A regular shuttle service to town and the nearby beach (only a few minutes walk from the estate) will also be available for those not able or wanting to drive. The estate’s clubhouse will be our social hub, featuring conveniences such as a restaurant, convenience store, salon and gym.

There’s also a lot to see and do in the area:

Enjoy long walks along the estate’s footpaths, bird watching from our bird hides on the estate, or take a leisurely stroll down to the nearby beach. Fishing enthusiasts can relax fishing in from the sea or Keurbooms river. Socialize and go golfing at either the Goose Valley Golf club or Plettenberg Bay Country Club.

— Click here for more information about our estate amenities

— Click here to learn more about the area and lifestyle.

The estate has also been the proud host of several tournaments at the local Plettenberg Bay bowls club, which is always good fun.



Being in South Africa, naturally, security is always an important consideration. While one doesn’t want to live in a prison, it is important to both feel safe and be safe.

One of the benefits of living within a secure residential estate, is they tend to offer more in terms of security and security services than living in a stand-alone house.

Safety and living in the Plettenberg Bay area

Fortunately the area is a very peaceful one.

However, because we believe in being proactive about security, and because your safety is one of our top priorities, The Plettenberg Manor is equipped with CCTV surveillance, a perimeter fence, an access-controlled entrance gate and 24-hour security.


Developer History & Development Progress

Finally, a crucial consideration should be the developer’s track record. It is much better to buy from an established developer with a proven track record in developing retirement properties. Sadly, there are many developers looking to make a quick buck off retired individuals, or who simply aren’t familiar with the special considerations that go hand in hand with building a successful retirement development.

When you work with an established developer who has a history of working with the specific requirements of retirement developments, you have peace of mind:

Devmark Property Group – Property development success

Devmark Property Group has revived numerous awards over the past 29 years. Founder and CEO, Hein Ehlers, was selected as Top CEO of the Year for 2018 by the International Association of Top Professionals.

Ehlers was also recently featured in Leadership Magazine:

In 2018, the Devmark Property Group won three prestigious African Property Awards
including Best Residential Development and Best Development Marketing for The Plettenberg Manor, as well as Best Single Unit Residential Development for Klein D’Aria Private Estate.

Other successful retirement retirement villages and life style estates include Cle du Cap, Legato, La Vie Est Belle, Heritage Manor, Onrus Manor, Villa Cortona and Helderberg Manor.


Development Progress

Most importantly, the progress on The Plettenberg Manor over the past 18 months has been transformative.

With successful launches of Phases 1 though 3, the estate has enjoyed consistent interest from around the country. Phases 1 and 2 are almost sold out and construction is well under way.