Newsletter: Our new video is live

Exciting news: Our team is pleased to announce that our new featured video tour of The Plettenberg Manor retirement estate is now LIVE!


See what makes this the perfect place to come home to. View the estate, as well as unit interiors and other features of our luxury retirement resort.

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NEWSLETTER: Phase 2 units now available

The Devmark PropertyGroup is pleased to announce the launch of phase 2 at The Plettenberg Manor.

Only a limited number of stands are available, so please contact our sales agent now to book your appointment.

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You're invited to our Film Shoot!

Due to popular demand, and with the construction’s progress of the development coming along so well, we’d like to shoot a video showcasing how great the units look, as well as how the surrounding area appears. This will give you and other prospective investors a better idea of just why properties at the Plettenberg Manor are in such high demand and why you’d find it the perfect place to retire.


Our film crew will be on site the weekend of the 2nd of February to film shoots of all the units, as well as the surrounding area.

Friday 2 February: 5-7pm
Join shareholders as we gather in front of the Blue Crane unit no 10, filming the area’s stunning scenery and sunset shoots over the wetlands.

Saturday 3 February: 12-3pm
Testimonials with some shareholders and owners, as well as hearing your impressions and why you’d like to live in this stunning luxury retirement resort.
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Baby Boomers: Why retirement is such a great investment

Did you know that South Africa’s retirement is set to double over the next 10 years?

According to SA’s Statistics Profile for Elderly citizens, 8% of the population are currently over 60. A further 16% are above 50. What this means is the retirement population will have doubled within the next decade.

Naturally, this will have an interesting impact on accommodation for retirees.

If you are from the baby boomer generation (1946 to 1964), you would have been one of the major drivers affecting the South African market for years. Your generation continues to have a positive impact on the property market, even in your retirement. In fact, you might be one of the investors looking at buying property, focusing on the rental income you will be able to generate rather than for resale.

Find out more about how you can capitalize on your retirement investment, save on retirement annuity fees and ensure you get the best possible deal for your future home:
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The Plettenberg Manor has been voted one of the top 10 retirement resorts in South Africa!

We are proud to announce that our luxury retirement estate is living up to its reputation and has been voted one of South Africa’s top 10 retirement resorts by the New World Wealth and Afrasia in 2017.

During the past year the New World Wealth research team has visited over 100 residential estates across the country in order to compile this report. This years edition contains an overall top 10, as well as top 10s in three different sub-categories, including top 10 retirement estates, top 10 wildlife estates and top 10 golf estates in the country.

The Plettenberg Manor has been recognized as one of the top estates in its category: top 10 retirement estates.

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Luxury apartments and retirement estates on the rise in SA

Growing mass affluence is creating growth opportunities for retirement estates, luxury apartments,
wildlife estates and hotel residences.

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Newsletter May 2017

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Construction of The Plettenberg Manor now in full swing

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Newsletter October 2016

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Newsletter March 2016

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